The Art Of Texture is a documentary about a collage artist living in Amsterdam, who brings new life to what most people consider street rubbish. ‘Why do I collect rubbish? I see a lot of potential in stuff, I like to recycle and I quite often think further ahead when something breaks or isn’t used anymore, question like; What are the best bits from it? Can I use it in another way? This is something I was brought up doing, so I guess that’s why I collect stuff from the streets and then channel it through my art.

Tom Lawrence
She’s a beauty!
I got inspired making collages back at university during my final major project.
Sometimes it’s when I’m least expecting it that I’ll actually find something that’s perfect.
Amsterdam’s diversity in culture, art and music is off the chart, it’s extremely rich in that sense.
Hey, I do that as well!
Sometimes it’s very hard to know when to stop.

Tom’s work is for sale! Each artwork is unique and made from recycled materials, most of which is street rubbish :) The work below is suited for wall mounting as most are created on recycled canvases or abandoned pieces of wood. More work in all shapes sizes, including his gluebooks can be found at www.trashthesechairs.com. Prices are excluding tax and shipping. 


Chatter 2012

Autumn Formal Wear

No Name


Caravan Girl

The Flame

The Light

Hagri Mitri

A big thank you to all who came to The Art Of texture premiere party, it was a great night! Check out the party photos below.

By seeing the process and the perspective of what's involved to make a collage literally adds an extra layer to his work.

Joep Roosen - Photographer & Team leader at Tam Tam

He’s not trying to be arty farty, it’s a natural thing he does and it’s really in his genes.

Japie Stoppelenburg - Lead Creative at Tam Tam

Maybe Tom’s greatest talent is to see potential in stuff that other people don’t.

Seema Sharma - Freelance Copywriter at SEEME
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